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  • Jeanine Downie, M.D.
    Jeanine Downie, M.D.

    Image Dermatology, New Jersey

    Don't listen to another physician tell you what device to purchase. Listen to your patients. My patients want pain free and affordable sollutions!

  • Miles Graivier, M.D.
    Miles Graivier, M.D.

    The Graivier Center, Georgia

    We never realized how many patients were seeking more affordable treatments for wrinkles, facial tightening and rejuvenation until we offered Exilis.

  • Patricia Wexler, M.D.
    Patricia Wexler, M.D.

    Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY

    Treatment is extremely affordable for most patients, given the results. Overall, my patients and staff alike are excited about the device's technology and the results.

  • Amir Moradi, MD
    Amir Moradi, MD
    The addition of BTL Vanquish to our treatment regimen has been a great complement to our practice.
  • David McDaniel, MD
    David McDaniel, MD
    We still use and have used many non-invasive devices. Some are ultrasound devices; there is cryolipolysis and lasers. We have broad experience with these systems. Each one has unique pro’s and con’s. The BTL Vanquish system looks to usher in a new era of treating large areas safely, reasonably comfortably and fairly rapidly. While the science behind BTL Vanquish interests me, I like the simplicity of being able to treat large areas in a shorter period of time, with limited discomfort, ease of use and no consumable costs.
  • Marek Kacki, MD
    Marek Kacki, MD

    Exilis delivers visible results, with no downtime and no side effects, in a truly predictable fashion. The advanced Peltier Cooling allows for much deeper penetration, without damaging the epidermis. In my opinion, BTL invested in a very wonderful and simple application of cooling.

  • Gail Coleman PA-C, MPAS
    Gail Coleman PA-C, MPAS
    Exilis has helped us grow our practice rapidly. We purchased our second Exilis only four months after the purchase of our original Exilis!...but our infatuation with the Exilis device was the ability to take our patients to another level without consumables.
  • Grace Liu, MD
    Grace Liu, MD
    Not only do my patients love the results but they love the lack of pain associated with other modalities. My practice has benefited financially because it is not paying for costly disposables, tips or hand pieces required for usage.
  • John B. Turk, MD
    John B. Turk, MD
    I am convinced of the safety of the procedure and the reliability of the device after working with it for several months and several hundred treatment sessions. The clinical support and training we received was excellent and personalized and we are thrilled with our decision to offer this treatment option to our patients.
  • Leif Rogers, MD, FACS
    Leif Rogers, MD, FACS
    We are very happy that Exilis Eilte can provide consistent results for the face and neck in just three treatments. We also own an Ulthera system and have found that the results with the Exilis Elite are just as consistent, with no downtime, minimal discomfort and no disposable costs.
  • Lori G. Polacek, MD
    Lori G. Polacek, MD

    Most important, the patients are happy with the results and are booking other areas of treatment. They love that there is no downtime and they can return to work, home, or exercise immediately after each procedure.

  • Marc J. Salzman, MD
    Marc J. Salzman, MD
    All things considered: cost, efficacy, patient satisfaction, reliability of hardware, Exilis has surpassed my expectations. The vast majority of our patients are happy with their results and will likely do a second and sometimes third area
  • Mary Lupo, MD
    Mary Lupo, MD
    I have never had any technology in my office that has been as popular. For me, this is RF redefined.
  • Dr. Robert Weiss, MD
    Dr. Robert Weiss, MD
    It can be eloquently summed up that in my practice with 45 devices the only device that we required a duplicate to meet demand has been Exilis. Most of our patients (90%) have been thrilled with the results. Not getting this device in your practice would be the worst mistake anyone could make. What more can I say?
  • Dr Andrew Campbell , MD
    Dr Andrew Campbell , MD

    Facial Plastic in Wisconsin

    Exilis, Vanquish and the flex applicator allow us to treat multiple body areas effectively and comfortably, all with no consumables and no downtime. Patients love it and so does our bottom line.
  • Mark B. Taylor, MD
    Mark B. Taylor, MD

    We have been using the Vanquish RF system for over 6 months. I like the ease of use, lack of discomfort and even results. Our patients are happy and I have personally used the device and witnessed benefits after only two treatments. I am excited for the new applications that will be available shortly. This is a great non invasive system.

  • Dr. Klaus Fritz
    Dr. Klaus Fritz

    Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila", President of European Society for Laser Dermatology

    Treatment safety and impressive (objective, repeatable, predictable) results are main Exilis advantages. Comfort and affordable treatment time make it very successful platform for circumferential reduction, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

  • Dr. Lisa A. Zdinak
    Dr. Lisa A. Zdinak

    Precision Aesthetics
    New York City, NY

    The patient satisfaction rate is high, with circumferential reductions ranging from 4 cm to 15 cm of volume loss after 4 treatment sessions spaced at 2 week intervals. All of this occurs in a painless and quick 20 minute office procedure with no downtime or limitations on your activities!

  • Kinga Howorka, MD, MPH, MSc Gender Med.,
    Kinga Howorka, MD, MPH, MSc Gender Med.,

    Professor of Medicine, Medical University Vienna,
    Vienna, Austria

    I have been using EXILIS for almost two years now and found it an optimal tool for achieving rapid improvements in patients’ self-perception. As a monopolar RF device with integrated cooling it allows delegation of the procedure to physician’s assistant or technician. Only a short education or experience is necessary for reaching optimal results safely and effectively.

  • Tapan Patel, MD
    Tapan Patel, MD

    MBBS, MRCP, MBCAM, Dip Derm, Medical Director of PHI Clinic, London, UK

    Introducing Exilis was an easy choice, extremely fast pain free treatments that reduce fat, sculpt the body, treat cellulite and tighten skin. I can see the Exilis becoming the system of choice across the UK.

  • Dr. Raj Acquilla, MBChB, MRCGP, MBCAM
    Dr. Raj Acquilla, MBChB, MRCGP, MBCAM

    Director of Cheshire Cosmetic Centre, Cheshire, United Kingdom

    Exilis fills the gap in my treatment portfolio for exceptional non invasive body sculpting and skin tightening procedures. With results as good as the Exilis system can achieve, it is no surprise this product is establishing itself as a brand leader in radio frequency and ultrasound.

  • Jiří Pumprla, MD, MBA, MPH
    Jiří Pumprla, MD, MBA, MPH

    Director of Vila Krasy Aesthetic Centre, Olomouc, Czech Republic

    The excellent customer care of BTL has not been limited to marketing materials. BTL has organized many educational events, keeping us constantly updated on the newest treatment protocols, as well as combination of Exilis with other body shaping methods.

  • Dr. med. Juliane Bodo
    Dr. med. Juliane Bodo

    Member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons, DGPRÄC, GÄCD Berlin, Germany

    BTL Exilis Elite combines both skin tightening and fat reduction in one unit. Since the first month the system is already running steadily and all patients left my office satisfied or rather excited!

  • Dale H. Isaacson, M.D.
    Dale H. Isaacson, M.D.

    Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery Washington D.C.

    Patients are noticing the difference immediately which makes them eager to continue.

  • John L. Jennings, Jr. M.D.
    John L. Jennings, Jr. M.D.

    Goldsboro Skin Center

    Vanquish has been a painless procedure for our patients and we are obtaining good results with high patient satisfaction. There has been no patient downtime and we have seen no complications. We have been able to treat a wider selection of patients and not having costly consumables has been very attractive.

  • Barry A. La Bine, M.D.
    Barry A. La Bine, M.D.

    Refine Dermatique, Skin & Laser Center

    We have been very pleased with the results we are seeing and patients are as well.

  • Jerry L. Cooper, M.D.
    Jerry L. Cooper, M.D.

    Atlanta Dermatology & Laser Surgery

    We love the ease of use of Vanquish and the real time feedback that we get from the machine ensuring the best treatments for our patients.

  • Dr. J.D. McCoy
    Dr. J.D. McCoy

    Contour Medical Gilbert, Arizona

    The fact that Vanquish doesn’t have a consumable is both refreshing and adds significant value as a user- adding additional treatment at a value proposition to the patient is a win-win (more treatment and no additional overhead cost).

  • Jeffrey A Hunt, D.O.
    Jeffrey A Hunt, D.O.

    Vein & Cosmetic Center of Tampa Bay Tampa, FL

    We have been very pleased with our Vanquish results and it has high patient satisfaction. The Vanquish addresses these issues with no disposables and a very large treatment area.

  • Dr. Trevor M. Born
    Dr. Trevor M. Born

    TMB Cosmetic Surgery, Toronto 

    VANQUISH is the most comfortable treatment in our office. We have seen strong results, especially with accentuating an hourglass shape for our female patients. Our biggest transformations have been patients within 10-15 lbs of their ideal weight. Patients are excited about the new FLEX applicator- and so are we.

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